Boulevard of Broken dreams

Ethereal eulogies engraved in grey, it's sad how we try to cremate memories in one sentence. Italic fonts and sentimental phrases barricated in quotations cannot bear the weight of one's life story_the metamorphosis of one's soul. This graveyard a stage so many have deemed eerie, yet its grim air i meditate upon ,perhaps I'll reenact the parts of so many actors .so feel the warmth of my hand, swallow your pride and sink into the depth of this blemished pool...this pool of forgotten souls. Realize death is but metaphorical_a re-birth into another world our splintered eyes cannot see...yet our literature confides in hell same way science confides in atoms_crumbled minds we've lost sight of the irony_"live to die and die to live". But past the question of realities what does exist is the scar caused by losin' a loved one...a reminder that the pain is real ,it still lingers past that smile you wear,your happiness tied to a note you keep forgetting to mail their absence echoes more than the silhouette of their presence. so i hold on to the memories _ your place a portrait i could never re-paint. sometimes i ...i dance around a soft summer's fire in remembrance ...i dance under the same old song you left playin' ,you know, beneath the records of childhood memories and first kisses, a collection of 90's teenage rebellion and that night i lost my virginity ...I dance to the soft melody of my heart ..this wounded heart that still calls out your name.

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