Brain Candy


United States
41° 39' 20.1348" N, 81° 26' 39.7644" W

In random thought
I sit and dream
To the grass,
How does a worm seem?
I wonder "how"s
I wonder "why"s
How does the rain feel
When it falls from the sky?
Does the wind feel fear?
The water, pride?
Do rocks lie
In the shade to hide?
Does soil wince
When it hears footsteps coming?
Does winter ice
Find the cold air numbing?
Is the sun arrogant
Knowing its powers?
Or is outer space
Simply where it cowers?
Do colors favor
One over the other?
Is Fire
Ice's angry brother?
Though these thoughts are pointless
In them, I find solace
Creativity is one
Of few concepts flawless
Free of taints
Not a blemish to find
Daydreams are the sweetest
Candy for the mind


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