Breakaway to Color

My brain is clockwork.

Gears of negativity grind against bone;

A metal cage trapping life inside

Locking and turning.

Gaining layers of glittery gold emotion;

Bolt upon Bolt,

Gear upon Gear.

An android becoming more and more sentient

With each inconvenience, each responsibility


Nuts and bolts replace rod and cones

And the world is gray


Inside is RED! HOT! and weepy  b   l   u   e

Swirling together to plum despondence...

Emerald dances behind my eyes,

Envious of purpose.

When sight is lost to sound.

                                     Noise.  Noise.  Noise.

Wants and pressures of others

Voiced into gears.

And the grinding continues.

But the red is a forge.

       It is anger.

              It is love.

                     It is me.

For me.

When preservation erodes the metal

Flesh is laid bare.

                 I am me.

I am the sound.

I make the color.

I put myself first and activate the forge

Gold melts across gray

And the world has COLOR...


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