Thu, 01/12/2017 - 02:50 -- junhee

Easily given and received,
Believing it's been achieved.
Madly obsessed,
Not really expressed.
Hiding behind the fake,
Trying to grab all you can take.
The biggest fear of all,
Might end with a terrible fall.
Waking up to your joy,
To find out you were just a toy,
Staring into the empty eyes,
You realize it was all just lies.
Trying to contain,
Pretending to be sane,
What was once your treasure,
Easily stolen for pleasure.

Naive and weak,
Self pity and unable to speak.
Hoping for the past,
How it might've been your last.
Wondering if it was you-
And all the things you've been through,
Was it worth it at all?
Feeling broken and small.
This is what you would call,
Love - that conquers all.

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