The Breeze Before the Storm

Before the creation of machine power,

Humans and animals peacefully coexisted,

Balancing one another out, maintaining a steady chain.

The environment was vibrantly green and atmosphere clear blue.

Animals roamed free and vegetation expanded wherever land was available.

The ocean, rivers, and lakes supported the aquatic life and had a crystal blue color.

Even after the Neolithic Revolution, humans used intensive subsistence farming to produce more food, settling in one location, overting the previous hunting and gathering lifestyle.


However, by the Second Agricultural Revolution,

The human population expanded as more people were able to have more children.

More food was required for more people and more people were needed to produce food.

Farmers had larger families for plantation support.

Crop rotation began and helped to produce more food with variety.


The Third Agricultural Revolution led to the fall of humans.

New technology and machines painted the blue sky gray.

Biotechnology altered crops, leading to poisoning and unhealthy effects.

Fertilizers and pesticides killed more than they were supposed to, poisoning the soil and other animals.

The once peaceful Earth turned into a warzone of greed and debris.

The environment is brown and atmosphere is grey.


The military life is not that of an easy one.

The boxes and planes, the chaos and tears.

But there is some benefits, like moving to Hawaii.

Environmental studies were encouraged and the environment was important.

AP Environmental Science opened my mind and taught me the importance of nature.

I became interested in environmental studies, but did not want to do something,

Until I had moved again.


Louisiana was very strange to me and definitely not Hawaii.

It was hard to breathe outside and being were burning trash everywhere.

No one cared for the environment.

Participating in clean crews, it only became more evident.

The environment is important and the observations I have made have led me to my decisions.

To become the environmental scientist that I know to be.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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