Broken dreams

I speak supreme no need for dreams

Way too big for my Jean's

Sent from a heart that has been broken.

So the ones eye has freak don't run

Arose/ from broken boulevards, story tragic

I just open up easier when i talk through a mic

Taking over all my dreams

Get blown like lawn leaves

shot in her seven jeans

Welcom to my broken dream

Five shots she ready to leave

He's just living in his dreams

As much as i wanna leave

So goodnight and sweet dreams

But i get the dough, i might splurge on one

My knee was cut open, heart was broken.

A keen fiend with obscene dreams

Everything ain't what it seems

I feel like I'm in hell

Broken beyond repair,

Reopened my notion of knowing im broken

Who's next to release? we guillotine them

If you believe then you can achieve

Somethings broken, awoken, unspoken

Hot where i'm from, the newscasters don't come

Cause i ain't really lift weights, i didn't need them

Why? coz the silence had to be broken

Are grieving and broken

I am not the only one

I'm a son of a gun

Dropped side effect, wrecked, broken.

Welcome to my broken dreams

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