Broken Shard


When I look in the mirror

What do I see?

I see my future, past and present

I can see the pain of the girl who was a loser

The girl that was picked last to be on teams

The girls that had a myriad of emotional scars that seemed to never be able to heal

The girl who had been beaten,


and raped to the point

The point of no return, the point where shes not even living anymore, where she's invisible


But then I realized something

The mirror was not foggy

It was not broken

And there was no evident cracks as I thought

Then I saw that this girl had become something new

I saw that this girl was a winner

That this girl was a champion

And that this girl was desired beyond her wildest desires

This mirror you see, that held my dreams, thoughts and actions of the past

This mirror was special and one of a kind

This girl was special and had no more missing parts as she saw her  reflection in the mirror

This powerful girl in the mirror who was no longer a slave to the evil inner voices

She looked in the mirror and saw something that made her really happy

That girl was me



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