As a generational curse, it continues.


In favor of the owner,


Killing the prey.


They are mentally drained,


Emotionally torn apart,


And physically down,


As the sun revolves round, each time.


After each round, it goes a step higher.


“Who knows!!, the predators today;


Could change lives tomorrow”,


Some people thought, 


They then stood up to fight against it


Yet, it is still growing.


What is it called?


What is it worth?


What is it predicting?


Bully is its name!


Destruction is what it causes!



Being prey is not the only choice.


Choose to stand,


Even though it is a generational curse.


It has to be stopped,


The future has to be better than the past.


He planted the solution in all


Not barring the predators and the prey.


It has to be built; It is born to reign;


It is competent; It is worthy;


It talks and it stands!


What is it called?


What is it worth? 


What does it predict?


Self-esteem is its name!


Progress is its worth; Boldness is its worth,


A bright future is expected:


All of which He endowed you with.             – Deborah-Tobi Okubanjo


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