Bully Free

I'm pretty sure we are all people, look at us.
I'm not really sure why everyone making a fuss.
Is it because of our skin or the way we act?
I'm not sure why so many people bully, and that's a fact.
Can't people live their own lives and be who they are?
Can't walk around without earning multiple scars
from all the people that are around, near or far.
Why can't we all live in peace and run our own lives?
Forget about the bullies, keep going and thrive?
Why do they gotta hate in the color of our skin?
Or the looks, or the fact that you are extremely thin?
It doesn't matter what they say behind their shoulders
cause I know that beauty’s in the eye of the beholder.
No matter what they can treat you like crap and tease on you.
Let them speak all those hateful words that aren't true.
There's no point in fighting or saying something back.
Don't listen to them, don't even remember what they say, lose track.
It's hard to get pushed around for no apparent reason.
And to them, it doesn't matter what time or season.
They say you are weird, look bad and have no friends.
But that doesn't mean it has to be your end.
You don't have to feel empty or feel like it's all over.
Don't think about suicide, here. Have a four leaf clover.
Cause it's your lucky day and it isn't your time
to leave your life and tell everyone your goodbyes.
I get that you feel that you are just nothing,
but those friends, your family no matter what sees something.
No matter how hard sometimes the words get,
don’t think about them too much, worry and fret.
None of them are ever right and if you don't believe me,
then listen to these words you are going to see.
You aren't worthless, you don't have to suffer like before.
All the bullies want is to crush people, be on top and more.
Let me tell you that you shine brighter than the stars.
Life never is as smoothly as a ride of a car.
All the bullies are filled with ignorance
and they want to take away your innocence.
But you are way more than what they think of you.
Those words shouldn't stop you from making your dreams come true
because no matter what you have to think it through
that the best person you can ever be is you.
No matter who you are or what you did,
no matter how old you are either adult or kid,
these words are for confidence and for you to truly shine.
For you to truly mean it when you say that you are fine.
You are loved, you are cared for no matter what you think.
You will see how important you are in a blink.
So go ahead and take your victory drink
because hopefully these words will stick in your brain and sink.
Sink inside the depths of all the words that have ever been spoken.
The fact that the bullies bullied you like you were chosen.
But I believe that you can definitely win the fight.
The fight of life cause we all know that's an overwhelming sight.
Let me remind you at the end of a dark tunnel there is light.
A light that you couldn't really see but now it's really bright.
Now all you have to do is listen to your heart,
forget what they said and go back to the start.
Be you and be true us all you gotta do.
It doesn't matter what other people think of you.
Cause they will never know you like you know yourself.

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