I want a heart with wings
Like butterflies
Fluttering away into the azure sky
Kissing the clouds
Flitting about carefree
I want a soul that cries
Like the skies opening up
Rain falling down in a tidal wave
Washing up on shore
The ocean opening it's hungry mouth
Collecting seashells like I love you's
I want a body like a tree
Strong and steady
That you can carve your name into
So it grows with me
High into the sun
I want a love like time
Never ending
Where laughs are the seconds
Hugs are the minutes
And kisses are the hours
I want a life with you
A one where I say I do
Not just on our wedding day
But everyday
When I come home 
Melting into you arms 
Getting lost in each other
Like a butterfly in the sky
A storm in the night
And a tree in the forest


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