The Button

With shaking hands, I press the button

the button that decides my fate

but I don’t want to

Why can’t I choose what happens in my life?

Why can’t I refuse?


Is it this addiction that we all have

that makes us so eager to follow?

Are we so brainwashed

that we cannot feel the pain they’re inflicting?

The pain that keeps us standing still?


I feel it, I feel too much

the button I pressed has left my life in ruins

Can I fight against my fate?

Can I succeed?



Through determination, I change my ways

I understand and I no longer fear

This addiction that has been running my life.  

I feel too much, but I welcome the pain

For it means that I am still alive


With steady hands, I press the button

The button that no longer decides my fate.

I have no fear and no regrets

Because I want to do this.

I want to succeed.


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