Calming the Waters

When you are traveling on a boat 

Across malignant seas

It's not whether you sink or float

It's whether the water is wild or calming

As a captain I know my way around the ocean blue

By the sun, stars, and a compass of mine

The journey is different but never so new

If we look into days past time

The waters are enraged

Man has restricted their beautiful thriving flow

with dams and barriers and walls

Now tides and tsunamis will blow

Soon all the world will fall

It's like Fire and Ice

Complete opposites

One will topple the other 

So the other shall perish

If only we could calm the waters

Ease them of their anger

Make sacrifices and compromise

Appreciate the gifts they have

Water is essential to survive

We can't ignore the raging waters

Or push them further aside

That'll only motivate them more 

To fight for what's "yours" and "mine"

Equal share for us and the water

After all water and land go hand in hand

Not tempt the waters to behave irrationally 

Not give them a reason to form monsoons

I'm not ready for the weather ahead

To the future I am surely blind

If we choose to anger the waters

Our world will surely die

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