Can I (We) Forgive You

Can I (We) Forgive You


Alone in fear I’d be for days and days

Wondering if you’d ever come

And the times you would, I’d be in terror

Afraid of the things that would soon come


I remember you telling me,

“It’s going to be alright.”

With a smile on your face

That I believed from time to time


“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt at all. It’s quick and easy.”

I can’t believe that you made us believe that

“Don’t you dare tell anyone at all. No one will believe you.”

If only I had known I had a voice


Because of you, I turned out like this

I’m not saying that I’m not to blame either

But you are the one that hurt us all

All I did was try to cope with the hurt


I know that if I forgive you

I will no longer hurt anymore

But what you did to me, to us

That’s something unforgivable


We cannot forgive you

Especially for every single time you lied

For the times you tricked us

For keeping us locked inside


And once you found out about them

All you did was make it worse

Even though I can say, “I forgive you”

The rest will not concur


I tried to escape the reality of things

Yet you always brought me back

I turned into others who I am not

Yet I try my best to deal with them


Now that I am grown, I could maybe say that I forgive

But my other personalities

They won’t ever let you live this down

So I cannot say it’s a definite yes or no


I don’t know if I forgive you or not

We just don’t know

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