Can You?


Can you get that?

I bleed over everything.

And I try to staunch it if the person doesn't want it.


Can you see that?

I'm holding my hand to my vein to try to stop all that is draining out of me. 


Can you hear that?

I'm screaming, just screaming, for someone to hear all that I have to offer.


Can you feel that?

My screams are shaking this room, shaking you and me to the very core. 


Can you taste that?

My blood and tears have mixed together.

I'm running out of them both.


Can you smell that?

Everything is drying up.

The room is filled with the coppery odor of my blood and tears. 


I am out of tears.

I am out of blood.

I am out of everything but faith.

I smile, knowing that I will be alright. 


I see you there in that corner and feel nothing.

You stare blankly at me and me at you. 


What made me love you before?

'Cause I most definitely don't feel it now. 

I couldn't recall anything no matter how hard I tried. 


I looked around the room and then at the floor.

Everything was pooled there.

I could see my individual feelings there.

Some had melded together. 


I was detached.

I heard the door open and looked up just in time to watch you leave. 

And for the first time in forever, I felt my heart beat...


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