Can You Understand Me?

Can you ever hope to understand?

What is in my mind?

And who I am?

Ever I tried to convey my thoughts and convictions.

But they get lost in translation amongst poor dereliction.

I write in these stanzas to convey my point of view.

To simpifly my thoughts, for both me and you.

I envision the world and all possibilities

I envision the cultures and others realities

I see the issues, the trials, tribulations, and strifes,

I see the good works, the happiness, the love, and the pines

I see who is happy and also those who are sad

I hear the stories of what makes one go mad.

I consider a persons full range of emotions

I admit I'm not perfect cause its a vast ocean

I peice together science, philosophy and history

I peice together religion, biology and geography

I'm not an idiot, I just overthink

I am not stupid, I'm just analyzing

I try to make sense of this chaotic world

I've considered so much, my mind gets swirled

I piece and connect like one does a puzzle

Yet there are so many it makes one confuzzled

So I stay silent and trapped within my head

I keep filling up, and keep sensing dread

Is there one who can see what I see?

Is there one who thinks what I think?

I've tried to convey my thoughts to others

But they just glance to me as they go towards another

"YOLO" they say, or "let me take a selfie"

I just wonder at them, "Is that all you see?"

Can't anyone see that all thats mundane?

It provides no results and leads towards shame.

And those of us write such as I'm doing now,

Crabbing, complaining and having a cow,

Crying and whining of how lonely we are

 Crying for people to think as we are

Wanting so desperately for one to understand

Who we are, and where we stand

So after considering and from close inspection

It's all based on a person's intention

The answers both simple and complex

It's about the focus of our mind that we stress

If we revert inwards that's all we'll see

if we move outwards, we forget who to be

One must learn to be happy with oneself

and help others be better than yourself

This is my goal that I'm trying to be

Let me ask you, is this what you see?

Or are we stuck within our own minds?

Trapped forever and feeling sublime?

Please tell me your trying to be free

From your own mind that's trapped you in apathy

And I'll fight the same fight tobe  open and in harmony

So I can speak my mind openly and freely.



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