Welcome to the malignant hell,
Genetic Corruption of every cell
The Internal turmoil, the perpetual. 
Your Lies are the pain that causes death
the error in the code which takes your last breath
The Shame of the degeneration
A whole nation rotting inside. 
A world with no hope, immunocompromise
We all Will break inside, no place to hide
This is the death that your arrogance brings
The tumors taking over your soul. 
The systemic symptoms leave you cold
Its an artificial gamma ray burst, 
Genetic mutations getting worse
Metastasis, In the mind. 
Inflamed Arteries, Running out of time
Nuclear war, hell on earth.
Power, Is this what its worth?
Cellular immortality
DNA tape Duality
Radon gas syndrome, 
Caustic nuclear fission. 
Ultraviolet Particle emission,
Carcinogens with out restriction.
RNA Coding Sequence, 
The Cancer spreads without recess.

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