Cancer.    You have probably heard it everywhere. The news, the papers, your neighbours mouth or even in your head. It is associated with fighting. It is not simply a fight. It is a battle. Have you seen a warrior who bore their sword and fought a strong position? Have you witnessed the light leave their eyes as they hope it goes away because this battle is so damn hard. Have you seen them cry as they realise just how much it affects them? Did you hear the silence? Because silence sounds like nothing you've ever heard before. It's like nails on a chalk board or knifes on a plate. It grates through your mind until you think of nothing but sadness. The way it creeps its way into your soul or how it kills all your cells whilst still keeping you alive. Ductile carcinoma. Two words that itch at my skin and make my ears feel alight. Oesophageal cancer. A kind that ate a man who never deserved such suffering. But then come to think of it. Does anybody? The answer is no. I am not a religious woman but I sometimes look to the sky above and curse. I curse to the god above. Does he know the suffering he causes? Because if he is almighty as many believe, why would he hurt his children this way. There is many others ways of dying. You could leave your house tomorrow and get hit by a truck or get stung by a bee.  It is not a simple thing. Death takes everyone but why does it pick the best players of the team to put on the bench? Why are the best shooters on the sidelines? These questions will go unanswered but they still ponder my mind at 2 in the morning. 

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