Candid Pictures




This smile once cost my mom half 
of her annual income, and I flash 
it to show the world that we aren’t
being stamped on. Dad? Never
heard of that, but I laugh like my 
family at parties, posing for candid pictures
And by family, I mean my mom
and two older sisters. She had a
job for each daughter; that’s three.
No mister, but she made ends meet.

While, my sister’s and I have
profile pictures to die for; all the
comments and likes, adorers
don’t know what’s behind doors.
We’ve cried like there’s no word 
in the dictionary like happy. But,
we've laughed like there’s no such
thing as time. - And I suppose that
that's the only side of this show
we allow to be analyzed.

I learned quick that people don’t like
someone who gets sad every night.
Party goers, yeah college is "tight."
So, in the atmosphere, I’ve become quite
the actor or liar.

 “How are you?” 
                           “I’m alright!”

Call it whatever you’d like. I just
know it's


more believable every time.



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