Chains of Anguish


Ring! Ring! Goes the alarm of remembrance

There is school to be attended

Scrambling to piece together nice outfits

To avoid judgement and resentment

Striding to the bus stop 

To be greeted by the allotment

Of fellow zombies of discontent

Plopping down onto the lether seat

The chill emitted causes discomfort

No sleep for the weary and hungry

Perturbed by the affects of malnourishment

Whether with grades or bodily nutrients

Starving themselves in replacement for better grades and achievement

Yet it still eludes many in that place ambition

Stressing the effects of current stability

Within the regions of school enlightenment

Thus, cutting out the components of survival

That grow character and self awareness

Being programmed to believe

The harsh dogmas of failure

Are what separates us from the norms

When in fact

We're all the same

In that we all strive to be different

The paradox is self evident

Let the brain analyze what it wants

I did name itself

"Cogito Ergo Sum"

I think therefore I am

Allow your brain to become detached

From that of materialistic viewpoints

Nature is a beautiful thing

Cherish it and yourself





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