I stare out of the window 

whispering to the lonely midnight 

"Why me??"

It was my 8th grade year 

When I  died,Not on the outside but the inside

Because I was called a Nerd,Dork 

Push down,Dragged down 

I had no intimate becasue,

 Verballizing with me was,

Like entering into a  Target  Zone.

I was not the only one,

who got offended periodically 

Hundreds,Thousand and Millions of us 

are served similarly,All around the universe,

We all spoke the same dialect 

"We all bleed the same blood"

"We all have a heart"

"We all are human"

"So, why are we treated variously?"

"Stop being imperious"



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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