I may have a smile,

But you must remember,

I'm an actor.

Pretending is what I do best.

I soon become the character

I am pretending to be.

My fake smile soon turns real,

For it is real for the character I am trying to play,


You will see Happiness perform,

Show after show you will never see

Happiness slip out of character.

It is backstage, however,

After the bows and the applause,

Where I am alone,

Where you will see the real me,


Lonely, dark and cold,

Out of the spotlight.

But you will never see that;

The audience is not allowed backstage.

You will only see Happiness

And the show we perform together

As Depression sits silently,

Waiting for the bows and applause

So she can have her time in the spotlight.

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My community
Our world
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