Chasing Dreams


I am flawless because I am strong

I'll never quit when things go wrong

with much experience with good and bad

I  still won't quit when I am sad

no matter what puts me down

I shine like diamonds on a crown

I am I

because of who?

I am inside and I will shine through

theres nothing now that could hold me back

for I am flawless, I am me

the strongest girl you'll ever see

in my heart and in my soul

lives memories that help me grow

I lived my life,with no free ride

determination was my guide

I never quit, or lost sight

of who I was or what is right

wanting more I cannot be

the mother who has mothered me

many times I felt i'd quit

but learned to make the best of it

by shutting down , day by day

I taught myself to be this way

a woman who stands without any fear

success is my dream, won't stop till i'm there







This poem is about: 
My family


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