Happiness doesnt always fall upon you,

you have to choose it and then persue it.

7 years ago, my world darkened,

my eyes were opened to how bad people really were,

cruel intensions manifest from deep within the people,

murder, rape, abuse it was all so prominant and everywhere,

some made a living off of others,

extorting and stealing,

they profit off of pain and the unfortunate.

others manipulate, lead you off course

towards destruction,

only in it for the money,

selfishness ment success,

and buisness was booming,

pathetic people fill the streets,

infecting others at a increasingly rapid rate

 they always disapoint,

never living up to expectations, failures.

gluteny fattend, and greed runs rampid

such a corrupt world, building their lives on sand

trampaling the poor to climb to the top,

it discgusted me, still does,

but after 4 years of hate bubbling up inside of me,

tainting any and everything set before me,

constently fighting to fly away from such an evil place,

despretly searching for an escape,

only then did it dawn on me,

this wasnt living,

determination is a powerful thing,

and with some help you can find the light,

it wasnt about writing off the horrible things this world is made up on,

 its about choosing to see the good;

generousity, and compassion is still alive, leading few,

the sight of nature compells a sense of hope and serenity,

it wows,

the smell of warm apple cider

and the sight of bright oranges, reds and yellows in the leaves of fall,

a quick glimpse of a hummingbird  sipping sweet necter from a flower,

 a muffled night by a blanket of white snow, so quiet and calm

the adreniliene of standing ontop of the highest mountain looking down apon life

theres much to enjoy,

people still fight for good,

you can see it in their souls,

a smile is contagious, but not nearly as much as a hug,

its a daily battle to enjoy the good and still know about the bad,

its your choice,

are you going to stay in the dark?,

or are you going to look for the light and allow that warmth to seep in to your soul?

its up to you? what will you choose?







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