church growth

don't say hallelujah

and don't mean it

don't say you love Jesus

and you still have animosity with your fellow brother or sister

don't praise Jesus

and your actions speaks of satan

don't correct somebody

if you don't like to be corrected

don't say God bless you

and you're a ravenous wolf disguise in sheep's wool gossiping about

how you despise that person

don't smile in my face

and talk behind by back

you're be nothing more than a gutless coward

in order to grow as a church

love you neighbor as you would love yourself

love people the way Jesus loves all of us

love is a word

not based on a dictionary, but by action

show love by action 

not shoving down people's throats with your own beliefs

accept one another who come different walks of life

life is too short for hate

tell someone that you love that person

if they ask why, tell them that it's easier to say i hate you because its an expectation that's normative

church growth starts with you getting right with The Lord

Jesus will take care of the rest

just be ready when He calls you

but if you deny Him, as He brilliantly say. He'll deny you in front of His Father.

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My community
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ValanThia VV

Amazingly True ... Thank you for Inspiring me again to write


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i'm humbly grateful that you feel inspire to write

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God bless you

I Define Nice

I felt God and the Holy Spirit really spoke to me through this poem today.

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Im grateful that God spoke to you
It's about chasing greatness under Jesus's guidance

I Define Nice

If I were describing you to a stranger, I’d start by telling them about your integrity… that I would hand you my wallet and never think twice.

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I'm humble
I wouldn't want your wallet lol
What I would want is for you to be an inspiration to folks who are stuck and lost
Show them a path as I show you
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Praise Jesus Christ, Amen.

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yes, praise our Heavenly Father
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I love this ! To me religion destroys people's hope in God. This poem shows how to truly love God and not let any single belief get into another persons path to him. It shows that even though God wants us to believe and help others believe, we can't judge others we need only tell them about his greatness. I feel like this poem needs to be read at churches  

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religion bears no fruit

this poem is about deepening a love for Christ so deeply edifyng

its about coming together, and not afraid to call something out that misrepresents The Lord

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This poem is so powerful. I love it. Through this we get to see your conviction and learn a little bit about you. I absolutely love the topics of your poems. 

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thank you for luv and support

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