Sun, 08/24/2014 - 22:40 -- sstrass

Ladies and Gentlemen! Silence Please!

We are about to witness a stunt to defy death, so wonderous it will be talked of, remembered, recalled, quoted and misquoted, debated, it will live in fame, in infamey! Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about to witness an act of immortality as we know it!

I the Ringmaster, and I build this circus! My words nails and my sentences boards! My body is the Great Tent, and the show is about to begin.

Love is boundless and soaring, the trapeze act, no net as stomachs flip mimicing the act.

Laughter is the clown, bounding and fumbling, sometimes nonsensical.

The knifethrower, explosive and yet targeting, mimics my own tongue, daggers thrown strategically in anger, in power.

Our show is not each other, but rather we are all in the show of life!

Print, Sign, Speak, Write! Our words are immortal, the Gods of our modern day society. Giving and taking life with each syllable, breathing living as we craft its shape.

We speak for the voiceless and move for those who lack the will, poets are not dead and are not dying, we create the life and share the struggle! 

Screams go unheard, regimes bridle masses, men pretend to be masters as people submit, but through language, through the act of being heard, ideas take hold! Revolution does not start with a gun fire but by aggreeing voices acknowledging the want, the need for change! Your words are a sword, a shield, a landmine, a hug, an embrace, a kiss, a gunshot in the night, a tear of sorrow, the scale of justice! Your voice is karma, witch craft, a might malestorm, a barroling hurricane, a cool breeze, the blade of an assassin in the night, your voice is the moon, the sun, the stars! You are everything holy and fearful! Speak! SPEAK! Speak until your voice is hoarse, scream your ideas, your thoughts, your love, your fury!


Because... once you're silent, they will cut your tongue, those beasts who pretend to be otherwise, those wolves clothed in flesh. Silence breeds defeat.



This is my poem on the importance of being heard

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