One count, Two count, Three count, Four,

I never miss a beat like a kick and a snare,

So watch as I dazzle you with flash and flare,

Melodies flow like a rapid stream and raging waters,

One! Two!


The drums strike with passion and power,

Each timed with precision and masterful accuracy,

Cymbals gently prime the masterpiece,

Toms rock the tune like a baby to a lullaby.


Oh how I make it seem so easy,

However, make no mistake,

The answer is not so simple,

One, Two, One, Two!


Endless nights are no luxury,

But, perfection is a virtue.

The balance between art, idea, and technicality are mere boulders on cracked ground,

One wrong step and you may fall into an abyss,

An abyss I know all too well.


However, the tune lives on somewhere,


I hear the striking of piano chords,

Such a melody provides a stepladder,

As I maneuver my way out of the abyss,

The sounds of soft strings echo off these deep walls.

The light to the opening is glimmering through the darkness,

I can feel the darkest of nights blend into the brightest of days,

The strike of the drums crackles these walls down like lightning on stone.

The abyss has fallen,

It lies beneath my feet like an heir to the throne,

 And as it should be,

One! Two! One! Two!









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