civil rights

we all know about the gays and trans

these poor abused people

scattered about the land

however what we all forget

is people like the homeless man

he lost his wife and kids 

he just couldn't go on

he lost his job, then house, then car,

they turned him to the streets 

but he's in new york city,

and being homeless is illegal,

so he's in and out of jail 

collecting fines he cannot pay

and collecting a record,

so he'll never be able to.

These people need help,

and they need it now,

so lower your pride,

because helping them is allowed.

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My country
Our world
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A revealing poem that makes us think of the homeless and inspire us to help if  we can. Great meter here. Thumbs up.

Im a new poet here but have been writing elsewhere for ages so I invite u to review my latest poem too. Readers elsewhere tell me they enjoy my poems  lots so hoping u will too.


omg i read your poem and love it.