Classrooms without the glamour

It's that time of year again. School. the dreaded word can send the deepest chills

up your spine. Sitting in a stuffy classroom. With other kids who have no clue who you are 

as you try to fade away into the background. Teachers who give sarcastic remarks to 

genuine questions. And those students in the classrooms that act like know it alls. We are

all different. theres no doubt about that. but when did this start giving teachers and students

the right to make others feel lower than dirt. Shouldn't we be empowering the generations 

of today as we are the ones that are going to make a difference. to know that there are 

students struggling and to afraid to ask for help because they don't want to get teased. they

don't want to be ridiculed. Is that what the classroom has come too? Also for the teacher 

to allow this behavior in the class room. doesn't make them any better than the rest of them

does it not bother them that someone cant ask for help for the fear of being bullied. As 

a teacher its their duty to create a safe learning enviorment. to have knowledge of that

is the knowledge that they have failed not only their duty but that student. as a mentor 

and as their teacher. wether you're the jock, the teachers pet, the curious one, the one

that always needs everything to be explained twice, the snob in the back of the classroom

the cheerleader, the emo kid, the punk rock kid the labels are there.

wether we like it or not 

classroom bullying will always happen.

the labels will always be there

and the situation will always be the same just different faces each year. but teachers

should rise above. should protect those who need to be protected. to be able to stand up

for those who can't defend themselves. self pride should fill a teacher as helping a student

but that never happens now a days. cowards. that is what society has created. students

with too much power and teachers to lineant and allowing kids to have the power. Who

is really in control in a classroom nowadays. the teacher or the bully? 



So well written and true. Until these teachers recognise and become part of the change that needs to happen, they simply remain part of the problem and as enablers, become just as responsible as the bullies themselves. 

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