clear veiw


from my face

i will wipe clear the new layer of eyeliner i have applied 
i will wash clean the dark maroon that coats my lips

and from my cheeks will wash away the constant allusion of a blush.


let me spill for you the words

that get caught in my throat before they have a chance

to come st-st-stumbling out

each choking me from the abundance held in.


from my body

let me take off these labels

these god foresaken stamps that mark me as theirs


i am not property

i am not for sale.


from my skin

take the bruises he calls love

the scratches that map the whole of my back

and the marks he leaves behind

for next time he says.


from my mind

take the thoughts that are no longer my own

but rather

the expectations of what i am supposed to be.


these limitations have become me.

take them all away

and i am a




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