Cold and Grey

Tue, 09/09/2014 - 02:50 -- r1vera




Remember the day you left?

That’s the day our souls all wept.

Tried convincing myself that you just slept.

Only to realize your soul had leapt.


Time has passed to a brand new day.

Burned memories seemed to have ashed away.

I saw you go astray,

Wish you would’ve taken the other way


Kickflips and treys,

You remember, the good old days.

Wish I would’ve asked a turn.

You passed it by and let it burn.


Through and through you were my brother,

Couldn’t define you as anything other.

You were tough though I knew you cared.

You would make me mad but at the end we always fared.


 We grew apart.

Without notice, life seemed to run and dart.

Now I walk along with a heavy heart. 


 Im 19 now,

That’s the age you went away,

On that grim September day

Making me forever…

            Cold and Grey!







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