Cold World


He took a puff of the Crack pipe and

laid it on the counter, out the door

he goes and nobody know's how

this story will go. His 13 year

old son blind by society 

takes a puff of the Crack

pipe now he's slowly dieing 

but he dosen't know it .

His mouth is trembling 

from the crack inside, he 

thinks in his head "I've never

been so alive". His dreams 

are now crushed because 

he got high his overall perspective

of life has now changed instead 

of attending school he scrapes 

up change. To get his fix 

didn't have enough money 

drug dealers got in his mix !

13 Years Old walking down 

the street at one in the mornning 

trying to find his fix... Society 

throws him behind a fence because 

they say he's "High-Risk" of murder 

and rape but he escaped try to make 

it back home it was to late drug dealer 

found him and put the gun to his head 

the yong boy said "Go ahead and kill me 

cause I'm already Dead''!



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