College: In The Way Of My Career, Only Way To My Career

I'm a little woman as I've been described.

5'1 and not an inch higher,

but I want to stand amongst giants.

In my dreams, they're next to me

as we speak intensively

of how they're playfully ferocious like lions.

But when the day breaks,

and I awake,

I have to face my own Goliath.

Kennesaw State.

For class, I'm late.


Math test to take.

English paper to write.

Teachers I dislike.

Grades that don't look right.

Roommate fights.

Leave? I might.

But no, jk.

I have to stay,

if only to get to my giants.

Internships: "College Credit Only"

Career: "Minimum Bachelor's Only"

Looks like I'm stuck in a rut

with nowhere to go but up

even if I get there slowly.

I'd love to take my talents to South Beach,

but I'm stuck here in Kennesaw

spending money I don't have on classes I don't need

living in a system with tragic flaws.

Been in math and science for 14 years,

and every year they get harder,

but I've done research about my career,

and they're not pushing me any farther.

But I know this job will change my life,

and it's everything I've ever wanted.

Doris Burke, Sage Steele

Both of your jobs? I want them.

Microphone in hand,

standing next to a man that's nearly 2 feet taller.

I reach the microphone up

as he leans down

to make sure what he says is even audible.

But I'm not there, 

and I have a while before I am.

And what I have to do, I understand:

"Follow the rules,"

they tell me,

"You need school,"

they sell me.


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