Comfort Zone

I'm erratic, I'm happy, I'm hyper!

WATCH ME! I'm so full of JOY!

You see me laughing and joking?!

Please! Manipulate me, I am your toy!

Wait, the poison in my bloodstream has caused this?

It brought out the trueness in me?

This is not fair, I don't like this.

Free me, just give me the key!

I want to escape to my closet.

I NEED TO lock myself in!

Don't try to persuade me with kindness,

I don't want to see her again!

I am not comfortable being that girl.

I prefer my embracing seclusion.

I don't need your encouraging words.

What you've given is just an illusion.

Let me go, you came with no warning!

I do not need the syringe you provide.

I can be happy while lonely.

I don't need your love in my life!

I want my shell; do not beg me to leave it.

I would much rather leave from your side.

The curtain I've pulled over hugs me.

It is comfort that you CAN'T provide!

Please, don't make me go back to my 'real' self.

She's too unfamiliar...she's...great..

I am jealous, I am so full of envy.

How, I wish I could be her again.



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