Coming to Terms with Mental Illness

Mon, 10/31/2016 - 23:03 -- marmia

I never will forget

All the things that I’ll regret

And all the memories that passed me by


For it was like a haze

A bleak denial infused craze

A thick black fog covering the night sky


And now the haze is gone

And I can feel the sun

Feel as it burns my tender unmarked skin


But I'm finally moving forward

And my hard work is paying off

No longer resetting instantly to ‘begin’


Yes the way forward brings dread

I never want to leave my bed

And sometimes I want to scream and holler "why?"


But I know if I stick to it

That I can really do it

I’ll leap forward and leave this grind behind


You may look at me

Be disappointed in what you see

But I have a special secret deep inside


One day I’ll rise above the rest

Put my endurance to the test

Prove that for me I am the best


And on that day I’ll fly

Yes on that day I’ll fly

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