Concrete Angel

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 13:55 -- jdrose

I see myself as a low life,
Someone who doesn't really try.
I don't care what people think,
except for when I cry.
I don't know why I do,
but maybe I shouldn't.
Where do we all go to,
to hide ourselves away?

To those who hide behind a mask,
All I can think, is how to ask,
Why can't we just be ourselves?
And overcome all our fears.

The fears are what make us hide,
behind the warped face.
No One seems to be themselves,
or go at their own pace.

No more bullying,
No more lying,
People create their concrete self.
Whether I can make a difference in your life,
Or prove to you I'm different,
I will never give up trying.

Trying is the only thing that keeps us going,
The only thing that keeps us sane,
But sometimes our trying seems to decease,
and leave our lives behind.

Don't become that Concrete Angel,
Sitting as a headstone.
Speak up about yourself,
Don't be afraid to show.

Concrete Angels are made from woes,
from pain and suffering.
They should be made from laughter and cheer,
not from endless buffering.

We try to change ourselves in every way that we can,
sometimes its just not good enough and we end it however we can.
We end our lives before we should, because we cannot conform.

I have been there in the shadows,
behind my own mask.
I took it off to show myself,
And will never need it again.

I showed the world who I won't become.
I won't become a concrete Angel from the suffering,
but maybe one from laughter and cheer.

Only you can make a difference,
not the man behind the mask.
Don't give up little one,
take the mask away and live as you should.


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