Fri, 01/11/2019 - 23:46 -- aflo97

Fears I've had plenty,

one too many to explain,

but the way I've overcome them,

that I'd like to advocate.

It's been easy, 

but sometimes I have also nearly gone insane,

because the trigger seems to be a voice that lingers in my head.

It belittles all my thoughts, ideas, things I'd like to say,

makes me feel like in the world I am only bound to make mistakes,

so much so that in the past I spent my time laying in bed.

Until one day I decided I had to go about my way,

just keep breathing, count to ten, I even learned to meditate.

I keep my cool and try to exclude anything that says I can't.

Through trial and error,

I've assured myself everything will be okay.





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