Corporate corps

I fought the law and the victor took my shoes
She walked across a twisted band of mangled bodies
Mother after mother holding their child up
Reaching for every ankle-deep step
childrens faces pressed on boot soles
I have no money please help me they cry
Which means here I have no life
I do not exist
I am invisible
Can’t you see me?
This is not stone you walk across
But flesh
I am human just like you
My tears fill this Ocean bed
My Spit flies in all directions
Spraying the surface of your face
as you sail away
Can you hear me?
Please choose to hear me
Open your ears
Look at me
Now look at yourself
This is not a choice?
Money is not my god
I fought the law
Saw how I make you weak
Saw the sweat drip off your cheeks
Fill your pool with toxic chemicals
flood my back yard with your debris
Don't throw your trash in my lawn
Pretend I never existed
And I’ll pretend it wasn’t small children sewing buttons to holes
You are the Dorian to my Grey
I am the reflection of a monster
Notice the way my teeth show when I shriek
Take your penis pills and shove them up your ass
I fought the law
But it's not the law anymore that rules my fate
Nor is it the teacher
my parents,
games or movies
It’s you
You built this tower
We cary your burdens
We feed all
We work for all
We carry your religion
We band together
We are stronger than you
You will see us.
This is our battle ground.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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