A Created Figure


Awakened by the sounds of screaming

Put asleep to the noises of disaster

Voices constantly piercing 

Heart rate still increasing

See life isnt what it used to be

Sunshine and unicorns filled my head with belief that better days were waiting

But now, Everything is different

Waking up to the sounds of no tomorrow

Still having to face people who dont see you for who you are but what they want you to be

shaking from anxiety

Smiling to believe you will be fine


Nothing is fine here

Good memories and happy tears 

They aren't welcome here

Staring into a shattered mirror

Telling myself

Fake Smiles and sorrow filled eyes

Dammit i dont need to cry.

Maybe one day I can be free

Maybe one day I will be me.

Weird and proud of it

but for now im timid and losing it.


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