What is it?

It's your imagination on paper,

It's those little negliible or even crazy thoughts that you might of had,

Those thoughts about pulling down the bully's pants

Just to get back at him in elementary school,

People say we use only 5% of our brain,

Poetry is the key that unlocks our brain to things we didn't know we had in us,

All of our thoughts find their way on paper,

Not only opening up our Mind,

But our Hearts,

It's a way to drive out the Fake and bring in the Truth,

There's nothing hiding itself when it comes to a poet,

One that lets all the emotions out,

That's a true poet,

One that takes sacrifices for the meaning of poetry,


How else can one express them self?

Through an essay or a resume?

Sure, but without the consistent figurative language, all it will be is just a story,

Poetry is not a story,

It's not a person's background,

It's Life,

When you put that pen on that paper and start writing make LIFE,

Every poet is a mom, and every poem is a new baby,

When the mom gets pregnant happens on paper,

So maybe Poetry isn't just expression,

It's Creation,

'Cause Life is simply a poet's Creation.



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