The Cry Of Camelot

Arthur, oh Arthur, can't you wake somehow?
Camelot has fallen, you're the only one left now
Arthur, Arthur, your widow calls to you
Hear her dying screams from beyond the great blue
Mordred has taken over, Morgana at his side
Merlin cannot be found, nothing is turning the tide
Arthur, where's Excalibur, if you will not wake this day
Arthur, we need something to give us the chance to steal away
Arthur, the Round Table is in ruins
The Knights can't hold off all these evil Druids.
Arthur, they said you would return
When Camelot needed you most, now your kingdom burns
Can you not hear the screams of this falling city?
Can you not see our once-enemy's hearts now full of pity?
Arthur, Camelot needs her king.
If you cannot do this, put the sword back in the ring
Back in the ring inscribed on magic stone
Back so we can find a worthy heir to the throne
Arthur, you must see something where you are
Arthur, Camelot has fallen so far
This noble spire once stood for good and peace
Now it's a reminder of who we all must please.
Arthur, Guinevere lies in a tomb beyond the hill
She died of grief before she could be killed
Arthur, Lancelot is now a drunken failure
Cannot lift a sword to drive off the jailer
Arthur, your Knights are no more,
The Round Table is ruined in a room with no door
Arthur, if magic does exist
Why are you not here, appearing from the mist?
Arthur, Arthur, Camelot needs her King
Arthur, Arthur, you are the only capable thing
Arthur, Camelot has fallen
Arthur, your people are in coffins
Great King Arthur, where is Avalon now?
Is Paradise worth the destruction of your crown?

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