Culture and Religion: The thickest curtains!!

Wed, 08/13/2014 - 18:25 -- Vasilis


Show your true form, you are handsome inside

Draw your curtains and have some self pride


Make-up your face and hid your flaws

Oh! It's only for girls but don’t give boys

Obey the rules in an unwritten clause

Go do things nobody really enjoys


Stand like this and walk like that!

You want to be great? Go talk Dan!

Eat this food and don’t touch that.

Wait! Is culture the commanding man?


Close your eyes and get on your knees!

Pray for forgiveness, He is displeased!

Your forbidden love has caused unease.

Must religion always be appeased?


They say ”Be yourself and be unique!”

Then say “Go change now, no one wears that thing”

They say “Following the crowd, shows you are weak”

Then say “Better imitate others and bow to the king”


How can I be true, when culture says be fake

That is why pulling the curtains isn’t a piece of cake 


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