Current Reality

Why is that the government pays more for someone to be in prison than in school

And when did the skin color black and criminal have the same meaning



and fights

yet we still end up with


greed with big appetites


mothers who can't sleep at night


that promote genocides


of a religion that avoid non-whites


because a man was running from his mind

he jumped because in society

just by going through the school system as a person of color

your likely to become schizophrenic

sorry if you didn't read the little writing at the bottom of the application before applying to school

he was schizophrenic

he needed help

but before he died

he went looking

he went to an insane asylum

they turned him away

he tried to turn himself in

they turned him away

he was out of medicine

out of options

thats when he heard the demons talking

he came across a bridge

they told him to jump and the voices will go away

he jumped

then they wonder why we fail

they turn us away constantly then expect us to succeed

now we mourn for our fallen stars

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world


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