Working against the current

Fighting for what you want

Feeling the rocks snag your clothes

The water run through your fingers

Salt spray stinging your eyes.

The waves become stronger

The wind carrying it against you

The plants cover your ankles

Holding you captive.


With a slip and a tumble

your face is underwater






No, I'm not gonna die

Not today

I'm not gonna lay down for this current

To sweep me away

Into the black night

Of the end

Of my life.


With broken hands

And drowning lungs

I slip my way up to my feet

Fighting for my wants

Fighting for my way

Fighting for my happiness

At the end of the river.






I walk against the current

Moving harder

Breathing faster

Breaking free of the currents

Pushing me back.


The world is always gonna be against me

Fighting to keep me moving with everyone else

But these feet were made for walking

So why walk with everyone else?


Salt stings

Rock snag

Water slips

Wind pushing

Currents pulling

Keep going

Keep going

Keep going


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This poem reminds me of myself. keep going. there are many many things In life to drag you down, but poetry can be a lifeline. from the looks of it your doing good.

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