Cutter's Pact


3 Girls that share a room
31 Girls within the program
They all have different problems
The 3 Girls they share 1...
They go to each other for help.
But when it comes down to it.
What are they even asking of each other?
1 Girl has the blades
Not no blades you find off of a razor
But box cutter blades.
She's been collecting them for a
Couple of months now.
20+ blades altogether.
10 short blades,
10 long blades.
Then she takes apart razors.
She cut herself last night.
1 Girl is the only friend that I have.
She is more like a best friend.
I know when to leave her alone.
Just by the frown that sits
Upon her face.
We made a Cutter's Pact two nights ago
After listing all of our reasons to cut.
She cut herself last night.
I cleaned up her cuts.
I care so much for her.
1 Girl has been cutting herself for 4 years.
She has learned her lesson the hard way.
Through so many years of counseling.
So many burned bridges.
Some pacts you do things together.
Not this one.
This one she tells me if she cut herself.
I know they may be thinking of the next moment.
But deep down in my heart,
I know they will one day
Find the right way
To cope with their problems.


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