Mon, 08/05/2013 - 15:21 -- rcmh12


Heart trembling, mind racing, palms sweaty, thinking..... 

Will the good thoughts roll or will the bad thoughts take control

As life unfolds the crincles in the paper leave me caustrophobic in a tight place 

With no space to turn, the crossroads present a decision to make 

Mature adult decisions...

Emotions seep through the seems and the visionary is clouded by trees 

Get high to get lifted heightening my wisdom 

But the smoke airs out and the vision was only a dream 

The high is relived through the aberrations of life

Taking a new approach the perspective is angled different

Childhood fantacies eases the tension

Life made simple, Life kept simple

Kids play, fight, forgive&forget, and play some more

Fallacies filled with empty thoughts and promises only made to be broken by a cycle of reality 

Tangable holds on life hidden behind masks of disception

Are you real or fake or neither?

Third option possiblities, everything is all imaginary....

From the perspectives given and the perspectives taken, understanding requires a higher power 

The intellectual mind can only venture off so far without strain

Standing on solid ground, now quick sand 

Sinking fast with one last breath, one last thought, one last hope for a dream to come true

Now what do I do?

The questions roll again only wanting,dreaming,feining for answers

With an addiction to wisdom or at least fathomable conclusions 

The biggest misconception is that sucess comes without a price, without a fight

A cyclist that has her finger on the stop button

The statistics will not remain me, they will now contain me, they will not be me  

The fact sheet has to be rewritten cause it was written without me

Stacked odds, I hope you gamble cause I wouldn't bet against me 

Hope lost is hope found, after every storm the sun shines

In the winning circle, I'll reside 


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