Dance Daisy, Dance

Sat, 05/18/2019 - 21:02 -- dai08

Have you ever seen a daisy dance?

swaying in the wind,

careless enough to bend,

as bright as the sun,

Have you ever wondered how it got there?

in a field of green grass,

visual as clear as glass,

having much fun. 


Why is she so beautiful? 

300 white hands,

great addition to this land, 

to see her is only by chance,

Why does she look so peaceful?

relaxed in fact,

tell me, 

Why does this daisy dance?


Has she ever been trampled? 

it's not obvious she has, 

often picked last, 

but still continues to sway,

Has she always been happy?

sad, she's never caught,

but sadness lives within her thoughts, 

but she dances anyway.


Does she dance in the darkness?

even when no one can see,

as confident as she can be, 

stunned with one glance,

Does she dance no matter what?

day or night,

wrong or right,

Dance Daisy, Dance.


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