A Dark Night With A Hope Of Light

A night with a shining moon
Surrounded by stars all around

When there was silence and everyone was sleeping
No noise or any kind of whispering

Suddenly a voice, I heard
I was astonished and totally feared

As Soon as I controlled myself
An abstract power came itself

It was my inner voice
That was screaming from my heart

I tried to hear what it was saying
For a long time that was playing

Let me tell what it was...!
So let me take a start

I think of it whenever I am sad
It gives me courage and I become glad

As there is light in a dark night
Like after sunset, sunrise

As after sunset, moon and stars shine
There is a hope everything will be fine

The light of hope spreads everywhere
And the darkness vanishes from everywhere

It was a dark night,With a hope of light
That brings me again to the life

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