The Darkness

From deep inside the Darkness varies.
It hides inside the vivacious Light
Trying to fight its way from seclusion,
Growing inside to gain alliances.
The pulling, the tugging, the atoms within my anatomy
Fight to survive under Darkness's duress.
Others witness my relinquished state
As if the world has belittled me.
But as the Darkness gains ground,
The Light inside advances its attack.
The Word......The Word...The Word
Reignites the leader within.
Days go by and complements are given.
But soon, a conflict arises
To make an alliance with a silenced friend.
The Darkness makes its escape again
Pulling and tugging with an infants brawniness.
Slowly making alliances again,
From deep inside the Darkness varies.
From deep inside the Darkness varies.

#Slam behind the curtain


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