A Day in Autumn

Hugs and sunshine on

a cool autumn's day. Life seems

blue but we walk on.

We are hand in hand down this

sweet yellow-gold path. 

The trees sing lullabies of

times long ago. You watch

me laugh and hold me so close.

We plan our life out

as we lie there on the ground.

You bathe me in sweet,

endless pleasures and soft, warm

endless hugs. I know

you will always be here to

take care of me. You 

told me so yourself. I

trust you. Your golden smile

melts my heart. Your touch

is tender as you stroke my

hair. I belong in

your arms, you said I do. I

say those words. Those soft

special words. My voice is weak.

I'm nervous and scared.

I watch as your eyes tear up.

You pull me close and

you say them as well. You love

me. I love you. We

say these words as the

sun fades to moon. Hugs and

moonshine on a cool

autumn's night. What a great way

to start the rest of our life.
















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