Days Like This

It's days like this when you're sitting all alone at lunch,
no one to talk to,
eat with,
no friends,
dang it's just so much...
She's a sophomore,
NO, Junior,
Shoo probably a senior...
Kids laughing and pointing,
walking by like they don't see her.
It's the last trimester, her first week...
People see her and don't even take the initiative to speak.
What did she do?
Is it wrong to be new?
Nice brown complexion, long beautiful hair.
Sitting all along as if her character isn't there.
It's days like this, days as such,
when longing for a friend just became too much.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



I wrote this poem during lunch. I was sitting with my friends when i heard a burst of laughter and I witnessed a boy and three girls pointing and laughing at this girl who was sitting alone at lunch. She was just sitting there, doing nothing, i wondered what could drive people to be so ignorant. This is what inspired this poem. Of course once i finished the poem, I went and introduced myself to her.

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